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Webinar 3: Our basic guide to ZOOM

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

With thanks to Ashvin Dass. Mr Dass is a former teacher having taught at DAV Girls and Ballantine Memorial. Presently, he teaches Accounting and Business Studies in a private school in Melbourne. Tonight (5/8/21) he shared his expertise during the MyTeachersFiji webinar.

Ashvin has documented a detailed guide on everything you need to know about using ZOOM in your classroom. In this document he explains how to:

  • create an account,

  • how to schedule a meeting

  • using key features of ZOOM to deliver your lessons

Download PDF attachment at the link below. Please share with your colleagues if useful.

Good luck and as we said tonight, please experiment with ideas - make it fun for the students. And, remember to use online searches to resolve any questions you have. It is quite likely that the issue you are facing has been typed into a search enginer by someone else!

Guide to using ZOOM By Ashvin Dass
Download PDF • 4.92MB

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