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Teaching Tools: Kahoot for quizzes

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

We mentioned in one of our recent sessions the use of a tool called Kahoot ( Like all the previous mentions of the tools we aren't experts at this and we reinforce the message we don't want to take away the content of the lesson. It is about checking and assessing the feedback that your students have especially in the case of remote learning. Like any tool use this wisely and appropriately - you wouldn't use a hammer to cut timber to make the point.

Ashvin Dass in the last session mentioned a specific Kathoot (Quizlet / mini quiz) that he had created for his accounting students here. In the same manner you can download Kahoots for your students and modify or create one of your own if the topic doesn't exist or is directly relevant. Aside from sending links to students there are other ways. One way is of getting everyone virtually and at the same time to provide answers for you to gauge understanding and of course engagement.

Here are some links that might get you on your way. Maybe try a game with the family to start.


Kahoot webpage : (free sign up is pretty useful). Your students will need emails to sign up

  1. Read some ideas from Kahoot as to what teachers have done using Kahoot (bear in mind some might require paid features): and here

  2. Ideas from another site for teachers :

Happy Kahooting and, stay curious teachers!

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