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About Us

Share. Discover. Collaborate.

Why this Site?

There are countless sayings about the value of an education and what it does for a nation. We only have to look within our family and community groups. 


This is a site created by teachers for teachers. It is not to override or teach something different to the Fijian curriculum but, simply to communicate thoughts, research and ideas no matter where we are located. Not all the materials will be directly relevant so teachers must use their discretion when using our resources.

Middle School Class

Value Teaching and Education

We can read this because we were taught by a teacher.

Learn from One Another

From traditional values to today we all have learnt something from each other- lets share.

Pay it forward for, the next generation

What better way to leave a legacy than one of passing on our professional knowledge.

Build a sense of community 

Teaching is a noble and uplifting profession. It has been valued in Fiji and always will be as the success of future generations relies on this. We need to stay connected with ideas.

Get Involved  

There are many ways for you to get involved. Two obvious ones come to mind:

  1. Signing up and using the resources and forums.

  2. Contribute any resources you may have created and are willing to share. We don't wish to have items that could be infringing copyright (e.g. textbooks) but if there are items you have developed then please get in touch with us at

Who we Are

We have not forgotten those that influenced our upbringing. We have been students and/or even taught in Fiji.

We are a group of like-minded professionals who care for the progress and educational development of all Fijians. We are also aware of the challenges that are faced with the geography and reach of education being inconsistent in Fiji.

This site is a way of levelling the playing field. 

Passion Led Us Here
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