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Honour ROll of Teachers

We Honour the Teachers that made Fiji and, ultimately moulded who we are. It is an opportunity to recognise their service and contribution. This list is not exhaustive nor meant to be exclusive. Just because a name is not here does not mean it is not worthy. We invite you to suggest other names based on two simple criteria: having contributed to Fijian education and, retired or left Fiji by 2015.

Ali, Mansoor  BSc USP, Physics/Maths, Suva Grammar School, the 1980s and 90s decade. Unknown.

Ali, Sultan, Head Teacher,   Suva  Methodist, 1980s decade

Azad,Firoz   USP Accounting Teacher,  Suva Grammar School, 1980s decade. Left for NZ.

Asish VUW, English Teacher, RKS and HOD English (1970-75), Suva Grammar where he was later Assistant Principal, 1989 left for NZ. 

Basawaiya, Mavis, NTC, Labasa College, Home Economics 1990s

Basha,Sheikh  Science, Principal, Suva Muslim School, 1980s decade. Left for NZ. 

Basha, Kamal Industrial Arts, Became director of FNTC, Left for NZ.

Benson,Cliff   English Teacher, Suva Grammar School then USP. 1980s decade. Left for NZ.  

Bole, Filipe NZ graduate,  Teacher, 1960s then Head of Ministry of Education and Minister of government.

Campbell, Pauline  Principal  Dudley High School, 1970s 

Chand, Bir 1980s USP graduate, Suva Grammar School.

Chand, Pratap General Secretary of FTU, and Minister for Education resides in Sydney.

Chandra, Ami   Founder of Arya Samaj schools in Fiji, 1940s. More information here.

Chopra, Uma, 1980s. Science teacher, Natabua High School. Resides in NZ.


Datt,Krishna  Principal, Suva Grammar School, FTU Secretary then Minister in Labor Government. 1980s decade.

Dinati, Patrick English HOD. 

Elder, Henry Head Teacher, Veiuto Primary School 1990s

Frost, Joy Senior Mistress, Suva Grammar School, 1990s.


Harakh,Ram  1950s NZ Arts graduate, Natabua, NTC,  Deputy Secretary of Education, Fiji Bowls Rep. 1960s decade.

Kalou, Joeli, NTC/USP Vice Principal of Laucala Bay Secondary, Unionist. Minister in Labor Government of 1987.

Khan, Evangeline 1980s Methodist Primary School. Migrated to New Zealand  became Principal in NZ.

Khan, Sabrina 1990s Suva Grammar School. Migrated to Australia.

Kolinisau, Lepani 1990s Science graduate, Assistant Principa, Suva Grammar School.


Lodhiya,Amrit  1960s India Science graduate, Principal Labasa Muslim, Labasa College. 1980s decade.  Migrated to Australia.

Mackenzie, Edward Industrial Arts, Suva Grammar School, Retired in Fiji

Maharaj, Pushpa early 1970s USP graduates. HOD Social studies, Dudley High School. Migrated to Australia.

Mishra, Mrs Indian graduate SGS Science HOD, Suva Grammar School, Migrated in 1986.

Munif, Mohammed NTC ‘62/63 Principal of Suva  Muslim

Murti, Pearl 1970s USP graduate, English teacher, Suva Grammar School. In NZ.

Nair, Kaveri, teacher in the 1960s and 70s in Ba at AKP. 

Nand, Satya (Mrs) Primary school teacher, 1980s. Samabula Primary School.

Nand, Varma History, Suva Grammar and Natabua High School. Resides in Auckland

Naidu, Amraiya Indian graduate, Principal:Labasa College, Nadi Sangam, RKS, Permanent Secretary, 1980s. Still in Fiji. 

Narayan, Jai  Science. Founding Principal of Indian College renamed later after him. Retired in 2000s.

Narayan, Krishna USP graduate, Maths/Physics, Suva Grammar School. Migrated in the early 1990s. Resides in Sydney.

Narayan,Sumintra NTC and USP.Vice Princiapl and Acting Principal Nehru Primary School. Migrated 1990s. Resides in US.

Nuku, Joseva Industrial Arts, Suva Grammar School since 1960 till he retired as Vice Principal. 


Prasad, Ambika,  Australian graduate, Education Officer, Principal of Nasinu Teachers College

Prasad, ES English Teacher, Suva Grammar School, resides in NZ.

Prasad, Kusmha USP graduate. Assistant principal Dudley High School

Prasad, Latchman  Head of Mathematics, Suva Grammar School, resides in NZ.

Prasad, Shiu Chief Education Officer, 1980s moved to NZ.

Rai, Dhanpat 1990s India Science graduate. Vice-Principal DAV Suva. Migrated to the US.

Rao, Bob 1980s India Science graduate. Principal Labasa Sangam.

Rao, Divakar 1980s India Science Graduate. Headed up the CDU section of the Ministry. Migrated to NZ. Now in Australia.

Ratuva, Steven 1980s English and social studies. Later USP and now Professor. Migrated to NZ. 

Rigamoto, Pauline 1980s, Veiuto Primary School



Sahu Khan, Hasina NTC, 1970s and  1980s ,Samabula Primary School

Sharma, Nirmala 1960s Auckland graduate. Vice-Principal DAV Suva. Living in Suva

Sharma, DK 1960s Auckland Uni MA graduate. Navua High School.

Sharma, Jitendra K NTC graduate, 1990s Headteacher various schools in Ba.Resides in Australia

Sharma, Pramilla 1970s Vunimono Primary school. Resides in Canada

Sharma, Premilla NTC, Head Teacher Karavi Govt school 2000's.

Sharma, Pushpa NTC graduate. Assistant-Headteacher various schools in Ba.Resides in Australia

Sharma, Rajendra K, NTC graduate. PE Teacher, Khalsa High school 2000s. Manager Fiji Football Academy till 2017. 


Si -Sz

Sahai, Bir 1980s USP graduate. HOD Social Science, Suva Grammar School, Migrated to Australia

Sahay, Jadgish 1970s USP graduate. Principal Dudley High School. Migrated to Australia

Seru, Asinate  NTC 1962, Assistant Head Teacher, Nabua Primary Schoo. Retired in the 1990s

Singh, Brij B 1960s NTC graduate. Ba resident and Head teacher of AKP. Retired in the 90s. Now in Australia.
Singh, Dharmendra 1980s USP graduate. Labasa College. Migrated to Australia.

Singh, Nirmala 1980s NTC graduate, Mathematics, Migrated to New Zealand

Singh,  DN  1980s Natabua High School, Principal Natabua High School.

Singh, Sarwan 1980s India Science graduate. Principal Suva Grammar than FIT. Migrated to the US. 

Sumaru, Samuel NTC, 1980s Head Teacher Lautoka Methodist

Swamy, Ankim 1960s PhD from UK, was the first local principal of FIT, resides in Australia


Vakatale, Taufa1980s ACS Principal,  Permanent Secretary, Minister of Education in 1990s governments.

Walia,  Inderjit  1980s Science teacher, Head of Primary section of Ministry of Education. Migrated to NZ. Deceased. 

Weleilakeba, Ecelina 1980 and 1990s, ACS, Suva Grammar, Laucala Bay Secondary 

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