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Are you a Head of Faculty?

1. Evaluate their current resources

It is sometimes easier to stay with your current resource because it can be deemed as tricky to change.

Great leaders help everyone step forward into growth, not back into safety.

What is your data telling you about your current resource?

Are your staff and students engaged with this program? 

2. Are aware of what is out there 

With everything else going on this can be put on the backburner until time gets away.

There is never enough time to do everything, but great leaders always find enough time to do the most important things.

Are you aware of the alternate programs and resources that are in the market?

Are there other programs out there that would better fulfill your teachers and students needs?

3. They are there to support

In this interesting time in education, teachers are crying out for support - especially if they are teaching subjects they are not fully familiar with.

Great leaders are a true success when they are helping others be successful.

Does your current resource help you support your staff?

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