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Webinar 11: Create Exciting/Engaging Powerpoint slides

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What is Death by PowerPoint?

As is obvious from the term itself, Death by PowerPoint implies a really tortured presentation. This might include text-heavy slides, confusing graphics, a presenter reading out 50 slides before a yawning audience or even a dysfunctional slide deck, marred by technical glitches and the inability of the presenter to cope with the pressure of presenting his/her slides. To make it simple, Death by PowerPoint refers to a boring, sleep inducing presentation, which suffers from poor use of presentation software, especially PowerPoint. However, the term might also be loosely associated with other presentation applications to highlight a horrible presentation in general.

A bad powerpoint is the modern-day equivalent of "chalk and talk".

In this week's webinar, we will share some practical tips on how to avoid "death by powerpoint". We will look at:

  • 10 golden tips to keep in mind when preparing a PowerPoint presentation

  • Using PowerPoint slide features i.e. –

  • Animation Pane

  • Inserting picture on to PowerPoint slides

  • Inserting text on to PowerPoint slides

  • Where is access animation pictures for PowerPoint slides form the internet

  • Acknowledging the source

  • How to use Hyperlink with PowerPoint slides or other documents


Mr. Eric Jioje

Head of Campus

Senior Instructor - Food and Beverages



Thursday 7th October, 2021

8pm (Fiji Time)


Please use the registration link below to register your intention to attend this session.

Zoom Link

Please use the zoom link below to join the webinar.

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