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Free spreadsheets With Google

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Some of you have asked as to how to use google sheets. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel then Google Sheets is Google's alternate and better still free version. It is as powerful as any spreadsheet and able to do the many tasks expected in a spreadsheet. It also has other features such as the ability to collaborate with others in realt time (two + people can make changes at the same time) and being stored in the cloud i.e. not on your computer taking away the headache of losing versions along with being able to share links without taking up data to send files. What is more, it is integrated within the Google Suite of products that also include Google docs and Google slides (equivalent of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint) - all free and skills are transferrable to Microsoft.

To get started with your students you can get them to do a simple family budget spread over a year, perhaps simple formulas and some logic and error checking (spreadsheets can end up with build in errors). All you need is a google (Gmail) account and a bit of curiosity. There are many exercises and sites with problems.

Here below we provide a link to another site as to how to create your own spreadsheets. There are many, many sites that can be found to build your knowledge just Google it!

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