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Do Our Universities Prepare Teachers Well For Classrooms?

The last 2 years has seen tectonic shifts in the way our world operates. We have seen the effects of pandemics, climate change, domestic and international politics, and now the war in Europe.

'The lesson is that we need to prepare the next generation of teachers to be not only “classroom ready” but “catastrophe ready” too.'

Teachers have had to isolate, teach remotely, teach under transmitter lines for better internet connections, travel on horseback to deliver worksheets to students, etc. MyTeachersFiji ran many webinars last year to assist teachers gain skills quickly to teach in these trying times. (All webinars are recorded and are available on the website - under our Webinar links).

This then begs the obvious question - does the current curriculum of our "teacher education" prepare our teachers well for classrooms?

Education experts are now beginning to debate what should our teachers be learning. Here is an interesting article from the La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. What is your view about the curriculum that you went through and the "reality" you face?

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