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Fijian wins NZ Prime Minister's Teaching Award

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A former Suva Grammar student, FSM graduate and, Fijian medical doctor Dr Latika Samalia, was the 2021 NZ Prime Minister's Supreme Award Winner in the Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards yesterday (announced on 22 September).

Dr. Samalia from Otago University was selected as the Supreme winner from a list of 9 already outstanding tertiary teachers who had received sustained excellence awards from the PM for their contribution to tertiary teaching and learning worth $20,000. As Supreme award winner there was an additional $10,000 award for Dr Samalia as well as an additional endorsement for "Excellence in supporting Pacific learners".

A few messages for us teachers to take from Dr Samalia :

  • "When I first began teaching 28 years ago, I challenged myself to be a better teacher every day and to learn from the last.”

  • “A teacher should be able to impart knowledge in a safe, relaxed, undaunting environment and yet be able to instill appropriate knowledge, skills, and confidence into their students.”

We as teachers (and lifelong learners) should all take inspiration from those simple yet powerful messages. Here is a link to Dr Samalia's video profile.

Pic below : from the website of Dr Samalia on hearing of her award (link on image is clickable).

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