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First Indigenous Pacific Professor at ANU

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

From ABC Radio :

First Indigenous Pacific Professor at ANU

"In Canberra, there are many people from many different backgrounds who come to the capital to pursue a career, and inspire a younger generation.

In academia, Katerina Teaiwa is the first indigenous Pacific person to become a professor at the Australian National University. She's currently an Associate Professor in Pacific Studies, and her new appointment starts from January 2022.

Katerina is an interdisciplinary scholar and artist of Banaban, Kiribati and African American heritage born and raised in Fiji. Her main area of research looks at the histories of British, Australian and New Zealand phosphate mining in the central Pacific. "

Congratulatlions to Professor Teaiwa who describes her own motivations and makes a passionate argument for why History in general should be studied and raises awareness to Pacifici issues including the history of Banabans in Fiji. Ironically Professor Teaiwa's points are reinforced by the errors in the article as the ABC makes mention of her being the first 'indigenous' appointment at ANU yet Professor Teaiwa mentions in the interview that Professor Brij Lal (who being born in Fiji could perhaps also be described as indigenous). There are also other Professors of Fijian and other Pacific origin in Australia such as Professor Paresh Narayan of Monash University and Professor Jioji Ravulo of Sydney University. The former having been a guest of presenter on one of webinars and the latter a recent article writer on the religious freedom bill. Professor Ravulo himself was highlighted as Australia's first Pacifica Professor here.

Listen to the interview with Professor Teaiwa here

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