For Giving Encouragement

Here are some exact words and phrases to say to students when we teachers want to encourgae them.......

  • I believe you, kiddo (student name).

  • I see you working hard.

  • That’s tricky and you aren’t giving up.

  • That takes courage.

  • Good try!

  • Won’t it be nice when this isn’t so difficult for you someday?

  • You’re getting so close.

  • You’re going to get it.

  • You did that all by yourself.

  • I think you feel proud of yourself right now.

  • I love watching you have so much fun.

  • I really enjoyed my time with you today.

  • Thank you for trusting me.

  • I know that’s hard for you sometimes.

  • You are feeling your feelings with me.

  • That’s what strong kids do!

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