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Phonics: How one school turned literacy around

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

On this platform, MyTeachersFiji we have had many ECE teachers speak about the virtues of phonics and Jolly Phonics. Mrs Losana Nagan is one of those teachers who has run multiple sessions outside of the platform but also here on this platform. One of her past online presentations to us is here.

Here is an article on the use of phonics from the Age newspapers and its success in a small school in Victoria (where Melbourne is the capital), Australia. It goes to show that Fiji is well advanced.

What this article aside from writing about the success of the school mentions:

  • What is balanced literacy?

  • What is Synthetic phonics?

  • Do different schools have different outcomes ?

  • Phonics might have its own limitations for advanced students "who should be stretched"

  • "“It’s very important that you are providing the most appropriate reading material for the development of the child.”

Here's the article. Happy reading and we would like to hear about the Fijian success stories.

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