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Science : James Webb Telescope - high quality data

Here are some of the better links we've seen for the JWST data. What are your favourites?

Looking for ideas for the classroom? Use these to get your students to look up and admire and perhaps you can get their attention and interest. Use these even for the younger grades to show the variety of colours, the concept of what is beyond the eye and perhaps stir their imagination. — sliders to compare hubble and webb - click on the “New” JWST Images Are Here!” link bottom left to see exactly what wavelengths go with what color — explore the Webb images in the World Wide Telescope what is known about the SMACS galaxy cluster -- these images have coordinates in them so you can search in other archives (like IRSA!)

You can get the Webb FITS files from here: — read the directions in the green box and follow the directions.


Our role is to create the next generation of scientists and astronomers - or just curious minds!


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