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Profile: Taking Initiative, Ms. Kashmita Narayan

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

"Be the Change you want to see in the world" : Gandhi

We would like to use our platform to share and highlight those other teachers in Fiji that have taken initiative and have come up with innovative ideas, thus making a significant contribution to education in Fiji.

In this article, we acknowledge and recognise the hard work and effort of Kashmita Arvin Naresh Narayan.

In 2017, Kashmita initiated the Facebook group :

Fiji Social Science , Geography & History Teachers.

Today the group has more than 800 members from all around Fiji.

Kashmita is a Head of Department at Cuvu College in Sigatoka. Her work, above and beyond her school role, is to be commended. Here are some insights from Kashmita that hopefully inspires and motivates you all.

[Inset :Kashmita and son Ansh].

Some snippets:

1. Kashmita told us her initial motivation for starting the site:

"I started the group to help teachers in the Social Science discipline to positively interact with each other and exchange resources like exam papers, short tests, lesson notes, innovative ideas to engage students in a positive atmosphere."

2. Kashmita's reflections on when she first created the group and her supporters:

"When I created this group I didn't know that it will flourish, but now I am happy that we doing good. I would thank my admin team- Mrs Vinita Behari and Ms Deepshika Nand. I have three moderators in this group - Mr Davinesh Goundar, Mrs Shazia Ali and Mrs Chanchal Prasad. My wishes are to see the group prosper ."

We congratulate Kashmita and her team for being at the forefront of promoting different ideas and sharing Social Science resources amongst teachers in Fiji. We hope that you visit and join her site and of course use it for your professional benefit - as Kashmita envisaged.

As we say here at MyteachersFiji : "Collaborate not compete". We should leave the competiion to our awesome athletes including those that play rugby 7's!

We teachers are here to do a job for Fiji and its children in these challenging times as Kashmita has demonstrated 'we can be the change we want to see in the world'.

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