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Science: Astronomical find

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

In a report published here : Astronomers are not sure what the mysterious object, that outshines our Milky Way Galaxy by fifty times actually is.

While many suspect that the object is, in fact, the result of super-luminous supernovae (start explosion), making it the most powerful one ever seen, there is still a bit of skepticism in the scientific community.

Why is this at all important?

We thought to share this for you to use in your lessons no matter what the age group is. It could be asking your (Physics or science or middle school) classes to make inquiries about what the size of the Milky Way is perhaps or how many stars are within it and where the Solar system fits within or where Earth is and for more advanced students perhaps even work out how 'shine' is measurerd?.

Astronomy might not be directly part of the curriculum but it is a derivation of Physics and Chemistry. Plus, it is our role as teachers to ensure there is curiousity and inquiry for the next generation where everything is literally at their fingertips (mobile phones) . It is important that our students understand that inquiry and learning do not stop at the exam room but remain the basis of how our generations have improved if nothing reminding them that is how our ancestors got to Fiji by navigating through the stars!

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