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Webinar 12: Learning Styles of Fijian Students

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

This week's webinar will be presented by Mr Alvin Chand, a PhD student at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Alvin, originally from Ba has been a high school Science teacher for the past 17 years in Fiji before embarking on his PhD studies.

As part of his PhD research, Alvin examines the learning "styles" of Fijian students and uses those Fjians that are living in NZ for his study. In his presentation, Alvin will explain how he is obtaining his research data in order to ascertain how Fijian students perceive and absorb their learning of Science in New Zealand schools.

Although his focus is the science curriculum, many of his findings and thoughts will no doubt have wider implications for other non science subjects. This is especially true given Alvin's teaching experience in Fiji where he can contrast and compare the different (or not) systems.

Come along for what will be a good opportunity to find out a Fijian teacher's experience about Fijian students in NZ and a chance for a Q&A on teaching and learning styles.


Thursday 14th October 2021

8 PM, Fiji Time


Please use the registration button to register your intention to attend.

ZOOM Link:

Use the ZOOM Link below to attend the webinar on Thursday evening

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