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Teaching Tools: MEHA learning HUB

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Ministry of Education in partnership with Telecom Fiji Limited has launched the LearningHUB for students, and those accessing it from the Telecom network will not incur any internet charges. The LearningHUB provides access to supplementary learning resources prepared by the Ministry and its partners.

The LearningHUB is hosted on Telecom’s cloud platform and will allow students, parents, teachers and the general public to access these materials.

Normal internet charges will be incurred for those accessing it from other networks.

The portal can be accessed through a link available on the Ministry’s homepage, or directly accessed through

Worksheets, audio and video lessons, Bula Kids episodes and psychosocial support resources are available on the LearningHUB. We recommend you access these in addition to any items you find on our site.

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