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Management that drives teachers mad !

Dissatisfaction among teachers about their profession is not something that is restricted to a particular jurisdiction.

Indeed, it is a worldwide phenomenon, and a loss to our profession, when good quality teachers decide to pursue another career. Often the reason cited by these teachers is their disenchantment, frustration, and the lack of respect for the work that they do in the classrooms.

James Anthony, a teacher in the UK for 20 years talks about the 7 levels of micromanagement that drives teachers mad. I am sure, we teachers can relate to most of what James shares with us. It's interesting reading.

The point to note is that we are not alone in Fiji. All around the world teachers work under all kinds of conditions and there's never ever a perfect system. He even suggests some of the ways we ourselves can deal with some of these frustrations. He even calls his website "not waiting for superman". It is a good one for you to use as part of the tools that we have talked around mental resilience. Check out the other articles there when you visit.

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