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Why science seems difficult and the books that can help

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It is a well known fact that many students avoid Science subjects because it is perceived to be difficult. The hard Science subjects like Physics and Chemistry are filled with challenging formulas and difficult calculations. Above all, the concepts are very abstract that isn't always immediately applied to the student'sl world.

Yet, we are constantly reminded that the world we live in today needs more Science or STEM graduates. The basic principles of science are more important now than ever — especially in our post-truth age. Scores of other disciplines, and even certain activities, seek validity by adding science to their names, or comparing themselves with it.

We came across this article from India that helps us understand why Science seems so difficult. It looks at Science learning from a cognitive, psychological, social and behavioral perspectives.

This article suggests some valuable books for teachers to read and this help their students understand the history of Science and Science learning and their applicability to the real world. A sure way to excite our students with Scientific facts and the evolution of Scientific knowledge - is needed more than ever.

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