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Some free online books for early readers

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

We came across this list that was sent to us as the "15 Best FREE Printable Books for Early Reading 2022". The persons who sent it to us compiled the list in the hope that they can increase the visits to their web page which is more about other services and, not teaching.

However, having been through the list they are quite useful. And rather than delete we thought it was relevant for early childhood teaching as long as we teachers recognise some of the American English in some of the printable books and other contexts.

As a tip when you click on the link which we have provided and to the individual book it then takes you to the sites where the books are actually located in PDF format. You might want to explore that site for other books.

The resource is free and readily downloadable and something different for the children to look at or for you to read and incorporate into your teaching !

Here is the link to it .

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