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STEM teachers.....latest from USA

What will it take to solve the perennial shortage of qualified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teachers? A national nonprofit says it’s close to finding out.

The group 100Kin10 was formed in 2011 in response to former President Barack Obama’s call for adding 100,000 more STEM teachers to the nation’s classroom in 10 years. It created a network of what would grow to be more than 300 organizations, all of which made commitments to the effort and worked together to share solutions.

In November 2021, the group announced it had surpassed its goal by recruiting and training more than 108,000 STEM teachers. An independent evaluation conducted by Bellwether Education Partners confirmed the number and said 100Kin10 has “galvanized action that resulted in higher quality STEM experiences for teachers and students around the country.”

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