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Students Learn Viticulture

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

An interesting article to note what some schools are doing around the world in broadening the curriculum. As part of Vocational Education, a school in Melbourne is teaching students about Viticulture. Viticulture or winegrowing is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes. It is a branch of the science of horticulture.

What can we do with our students in Fiji?

Are there aspects of the curriculum we can merge (Biology, Chemistry, History, Home Economics, Geography) to not only teach new concepts but to actually gain their curiousity as to where the food sources come from? Of course, the distillation and creation of alcohol is a chemical process but where did the art of winemaking originate? That in itself allows us to delve into Greek mythology. For geogrpahy, what are the regions famous for wine making and drinking? Why is it so? What makes a climate? Could wine making work in Fiji? What is the market for this and barriers? Is it even a good thing to be drinking alcohol? All from a simple exercise out in the open. We all no doubt can come up with other examples (Tilapia farming, Capsicum growing) and indeed should consider doing so - if nothing to make sure we inspire the next generation of farmers.

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