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Webinar 4 Notes: Teaching Ideas - Commercial Studies

A list of detailed ideas for teaching Accounting and Economics.

Geeta Krishna and Ashvin Dass presented some of their ideas during Webinar #4.

Some of these strategies have wider implications and canbe applied to other subjects. These inmcluded:

  • Using Flashcards on entry to class

  • Group Work-Practical Accounting and Economics tasks

  • Debates – Works for all subjects

  • Quiz in Microsoft forms

  • Kahoot

  • Students prepare tests

  • Beat the bomb (stop watch required)

In addition, Ashvin shared use of some specific technology he uses to teach his Accounting and Economics classes such as:

1. Use of apps on mobile phone

2. Australian Stock Exchange(ASX) share market game(schools and public)

3. MYOB - to start your trial

4. Using Excel Spreadsheets

Use these links to access their document:

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