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Webinar 6: Phonics and Early Childhood Education

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Based on popular demand we have organised our next webinar topic. Research confirms that the quality of Early Childhood Education (ECE) has a direct impact on the development of children in later years. Central to ECE is the ability to read and write and especially through the use of phonics based teaching.

This next webinar is aimed at ECE, specifically how to best use phonics, including possible strategies and useful resources that ECE teachers in Fiji can use especially when teaching from home.

We are pleased to have organised two presenters for the next webinar:

  1. Sangeeta Jattan

Sangeeta is a lecturer at the FNU and she has many years of experience in the Early Childhood Education. Sangeeta has worked on research projects that has analysed early childhood curriculum and she has authored and recenty contributed to a ECE curriculum sponsored by UNESCO.

2. Nadiya Khan

Nadiya has a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood from The Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Currently, she works with young children with special needs at the NDIS. Nadiya has worked in various schools, child care, community programs and with children from the refugee background.

All teachers who are interested are welcome to attend.

When: Thursday 26th August, 2021. 8 pm (local Time)

Registration: Please use the registration link below to register your intention to attend.

ZOOM Link: Use the ZOOM Link on Thursday to join the webinar on Thursday.

Meeting ID: 844 1590 7051

Passcode: 420943

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