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Webinar 7: Games-based learning

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We are going back to the theme of exploring technology and how to use it in a fun way.Game-based learning is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom while engaging kids with real learning. Say if you gave your students a computer games or attend your class, what do you think they will choose?

But what if we could transform our classes into computer games, made it just as fun and exciting, and at the same time covering all the content and preparing students for their exams?

In this webinar and based on past feedback, we will look at how easy it is to incorporate games into your Maths, Science, Geography, Accounting (or any other) lessons, where students not only have fun but also have meaningful learning take place.

Day: Thursday, 2nd September, 2021

Time: 8 pm.


Please use the following link to register (for attendance purposes):

ZOOM Link: Use the ZOOM Link to join the webinar on Thursday.

Meeting ID: 844 1590 7051

Passcode: 420943

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