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Webinar : Visible Learning in Early Childhood

We came across this seminar and post here for your benefit.

Early childhood education is a place where we have the opportunity to start teaching and learning on the right path from the very beginning. How should we spend our precious time with these young learners? Our decisions as educators matter in early childhood. We need to know what works best when, and we need to make instructional decisions that align with this research. When we do, we maximize learning.

This webinar will introduce how to use the Visible Learning research to answer our questions and make decisions.

Participants will learn ways to apply the Visible Learning research in early childhood education, including:

• Understanding the potential impact of instructional strategies from Visible Learning research on young children's learning.

• Describing seven big ideas about effective teaching and learning in early childhood education from the Visible Learning research.

• Using these big ideas to answer compelling questions in early childhood education.

WHEN: Dec 14, 2021 11:30 AM Fiji Time


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