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What Happened to PE?

It’s losing ground in our push for academic improvement.

This article which appeared today in The Washington Post, talks about how our push for academic improvement has pushed Physical Education to the sidelines.

In our view, it is imperative that PE teachers lobby for better recognition for their subject. That modern research has found a positive correlation between physical activity and both mental health and academic achievement.

“A 20-minute jog around the school building would do more to improve test scores than 20 extra minutes of cramming for the test,”

Some studies have also found that the way we have been doing PE can have negative consequences.

PE is more than handing out soccer ball or netball and then let students go play during that period. Apart from perpetuating the gender stereotypes, teachers ought to be conscious not every student enjoys a particular sport. Or be mindful of the teasing when students are forced to use the locker room.

The author of this article makes some sensible suggestions on how to make PE classes more enjoyable for everyone.

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