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Writing skills go backwards

NAPLAN data reveals Australian students’ writing skills have gone backwards in the past 10 years.

Yes, this is another Australian article but only to illustrate the point that the challenges and issues we face in Fiji are no different to more developed countries that we tend to look up to. And of course a lot of our curriculum is modelled on our two near neighbours.

What is important rather than the article being about Australia is that we look to learn the lessons and indeed tap into the research as we become increasingly part of the global village.

We have previously written articles for instance (on 8 reasons why Grammar is important) explaining why writing is important including in that article references to Webinars from professors who made the same point. Which is why we thought this is a good reinforcement.

At the end of this blog is the actual report that you can perhaps look at as part of your own CPD. The report readily acknowledges that literature on writing instruction is 'modest' compared with the literature on reading.

“There are two principal findings from the writing research, which seem to be consistent across grades and locations,” the report states.
The first finding is that in some classrooms, some teachers provide outstanding writing instruction. The second finding is that this is uncommon. Unfortunately, writing instruction in most classrooms is inadequate.”

The article in part blames the lack of focus on graduate teachers learning about writing with most commonly students writing the way they speak not in a formal or academic tone but, also problems like teaching handwriting itself.

There are so many reasons why writing is important in a multicultural Fiji - if nothing to ensure that we can express ourselves to each better. Enjoy the read.

And, what are you doing in your classroom?


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