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Virtual Experiments in Science

Take your Science teaching to the next level. Use our website to access recources for simulations in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Virtual labs are found to promote individual growth, self-learning, critical thinking, and cognitive and problem-solving skills. Enhancing their 21st century skills, students can access these Labs anytime and anywhere according to their own pace and convenience. There are many such resources but we have placed this as an example for you to engage and use (and it is recommended and used by other teachers)

Lack of laboratory resources is no longer an excuse for providing meaningful learning.

Here is an example using the Physics Simulation resource. You will have to be signed in and go to the Physics section. Click on the link "Physics Simulations" (first column and in blue)

Literally access hundreds of experiments.

Pictured below is a demonstration of a virtual simulation of refraction of light. Students can change the two media and measure using the protractor the angle of incidence and angle of reflection / refraction thus collect rich primary data and verify Snell's Law. You can of course come up with examples and activities as to how students can use this in a classroom setting.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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