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Which is 'better': ZOOM or Google Meet?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

We get asked this question a lot. We think it's like what is your favourtite sports team or movie star? The question then comes to which sports or even men's or women's and so on.

Here's a short article as to the preference for ZOOM than Google Meet (of course using the criteria as deemed by the writers). We haven't even mentioned all the other platforms like Microsoft Teams and Goto Meeting, Citirix and Blue Jeans (yes that is a product name)

Here is a head to head comparison (you can also search your own in the search engines):

And another:

Our verdict

Our experience is that whatever works and what your students have access to and your and the students technological capability. Google Meet is free for a start and people are familiar with Google products whether rightly or wrongly.

The other aspect to consider is that Google has other associated products that are integrated to its Google environment such as Google sheets and Documents (see our previous blog on Google suite). By using Google you might just be teaching your students to be more technologically savvy (though that is a matter of debate) and understanding other aspects of technology like word processing or polling (Google Forms) or presentations and such.

Bottom line is that these are tools to the end goal of education and not the end goal itself. If you know one of these products you are likely to know how to use others. You as professionals are best placed to assess these.

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