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Making STEM Education attractive to girls - A Nigerian perspective

Admittedly, Nigeria and the Nigerian education system is not at the forefront of our minds when we discuss all things education. As professional educators, however, we ought be open minded and where possible develop an interest in the issues and challenges that confront teachers, students and policy makers in other jurisdiction.

Today, we thought we'd share with you this article that appeared in The Guardian in Nigeria yesterday 31/3/22.

Other than the fact that Fiji and Nigeria are both third world developing countries, we have other commonalities. More importantly, both being former colonies of Britain, we have inherited very similar education systems.

This article is specifically about how to attract young girls into STEM education. The point is that these concerns highlighted in this far away land are not all that much different from ours. In fact, its not all that different from those found in most of the Western education system either. We have covered other aspects of females in STEM elsewhere in our articles including in the "Science of Teaching Science" .

Whilst the article relates to STEM education, it should be of interest to any teacher who has an interest in learning about education in other countries and applying these perspectives to our own.

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